Multiple Shipping Solution for WooCommerce

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Yes! This plugin is compatible with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce versions.

Multiple Shipping Solution splits your WooCommerce orders into separate shipments if they meet different grouping criteria that you define and/or when a package reaches a certain weight limit.

When conditions apply, your customers will be presented with the multiple shipping packages at checkout and can set the shipping options for each individually, depending on your existing WooCommerce shipping configuration.


  • Automatically group products by either...
    1. The plugin's built-in grouping taxonomy (good for assigning products to different vendors!)
    2. WooCommerce Product Category (maybe you ship your t-shirts from one warehouse and hoodies from another)
    3. WooCommerce Product Attributes (total freedom of creating your own grouping logic)
  • Set package weight limits
  • Each package has their own shipping options
  • Seamless integration into your existing WooCommerce cart and checkout (the plugin does not add any custom layout or styling so your WooCommerce theme will pick it up seamlessly)
  • Simple plug&play usage with a clear options page
  • GDPR compliant
  • No recurring fees
  • Each license receives free plugin updates forever
  • Comes with documentation
  • Comes with developer support
  • Check out the screenshots!

User and developer friendly

  • Translation/WPML ready
  • No arrogant menu entries, nagging or other visual standout in the admin environment
  • Activating the plugin will not change any of your shop's functionality until you configure it to do so
  • WordPress coding standards
  • Fully commented code
  • Full of action/filter hooks to customize the functionality without editing the core files
  • Updates just like any other plugin if your license is in order
  • Does not add any CSS or JS assets
  • Does not create any additional database tables
  • All data is removed upon uninstallation


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for Multiple Shipping Solution for WooCommerce

What is the required WordPress version to run this plugin?


What is the required WooCommerce version to run this plugin?


Is this plugin compatible with WooCommerce 4.0+?


Will this plugin mess with any of my WordPress or WooCommerce settings?

No. Enabling the plugin leaves everything in the same state until you save the plugin options to apply your customizations. Disabling/uninstalling the plugin will leave everything as it was before you installed the plugin.

Where are the plugin options?

In the admin menu under WooCommerce – Settings – Shipping – Shipping options. You will find a section named “Multiple Shipping Solution”. To be able to see the Shipping tab you must have shipping enabled (see the option “Shipping Location(s)” under the General tab) and have enough user privileges to manage the WooCommerce settings (such as the Shop Manager user role).

How to I determine how packages are divided?

There are 4 ways to get the cart’s products to be divided into separate packages. Visit the plugin options to select which method to activate.

  1. By the “Product Group” taxonomy. Edit a product to see a new grouping taxonomy in the sidebar named “Product Group”. You are free to create groups however you like. All products in the same group will end up in the same shipping package and thus other groups in their own packages.
  2. By “Product Category”. This will use the native WooCommerce product category taxonomy to combine items in the same categories. So a product with the category T-Shirts will always go with other T-Shirts, etc.
  3. By a specified “Product Attribute”. This will use the native WooCommerce product attributes to combine similar items. If for example the attribute “Color” is chosen as a grouping attribute, all items with the color “Red” will be combined into the same package.
  4. By weight. If this option has a value, it is always applied. Also if one of the above grouping methods is active. When a combination of products reaches this limit, one or more new packages are created for the remaining items.

How do I set up a product’s weight?

Make sure the products have weight values set. To set a product’s weight, edit the product and visit the Shipping tab under Product Data.

How do I change the weight unit?

This is a WooCommerce setting. Visit WooCommerce > Settings > Products to find the “Weight unit” setting.

I don’t want to use any weight limiting

In the plugin options, set the weight limit to 0 to ignore product weight.

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What's new?


for Multiple Shipping Solution for WooCommerce


11 May 2020
  • Fixed issue in free-shipping calculations on packages.
  • WC 4+ support.


9 Feb 2019
  • Fix possible "non-numeric value" error in the cart.
  • Fix a plugin option saving issue.


6 Dec 2017
  • Added the option to separate single products into multiple packages if it exceeds the package weight limit.
  • Fix a rare situation where too many packages were created while distributing products.
  • Better distribution of products with multiple quantities.


25 May 2017
  • Renamed the default shipping package name from "Other Shipping" to "Shipping (1/2)" (in case of 2 packages) etc.
  • Fixed possible "Headers already sent" PHP warning.


7 Apr 2017
  • Ensured WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility.


25 Jan 2017
  • Safety check to see if the default grouping taxonomy exists before creating it.
  • Removed the custom plugin settings page and moved settings to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping.


17 Dec 2016
  • Initial release.


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