Admin Column Manager for WooCommerce

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Yes! This plugin is compatible with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce versions.

Admin Column Manager is a WordPress plugin for WooCommerce that enables you to manage the product, order and coupon admin table columns by removing default columns, adding additional predefined columns and changing their order.

Clean up the admin environment to your own or your client’s liking by applying the configuration for Administrator and Shop Manager user roles separately.

Hide default table columns

Clean up the WooCommerce admin interface for yourself or your clients by removing columns that you don't need.

New columns

The plugin comes with a bunch of predefined additional columns for your convenience and completely optional.

View available columns

Reorder columns

Reorder the columns to your liking with a drag&drop interface.


  • Manage the columns in the admin environment of...
    1. The Order list table
    2. The Product list table
    3. The Coupon list table
  • Optionally add convenient columns such as...
    • Product's sales count
    • Product's attributes
    • Order's products
    • Order's coupon information
    • Textual versions of the product type, featured state, order status columns
    • And more
  • Optionally remove default columns
  • Reorder the columns with a drag&drop interface
  • Enabling/disabling columns is managed per user role (administrator/shop manager)
  • The configuration seamlessly integrates into the WooCommerce settings tabs
  • Simple plug&play usage and ability to reset all configuration
  • GDPR compliant
  • No recurring fees
  • Each license receives free plugin updates forever
  • Comes with documentation
  • Comes with developer support

Developer friendly

  • Translation/WPML ready
  • No arrogant menu entries, nagging or other visual standout in the admin environment
  • This plugin will not change any of your shop's functionality
  • WordPress coding standards
  • Fully commented code
  • Full of action/filter hooks to customize the functionality without editing the core files
  • Updates just like any other plugin if your license is in order
  • Does not add any CSS or JS assets to your site
  • Does not create any additional database tables
  • All data is removed upon uninstallation

Additional columns

Besides hiding the default columns, you can choose to add any of these additional information columns to the following WooCommerce list tables. More columns are added over time!


  • Sales
    The times this product has been sold.
  • Short description
    The product excerpt if it exists.
  • Product attributes
    List of product attributes, similar to the tags display.
  • Ratings and reviews
    A product's avarage star rating and the number of reviews.
  • Featured status (textual)
    A simple textual display wether the product is featured or not. An alternative to the default icon view.
  • Product type (textual)
    A simple textual display of the product type. An alternative to the default icon view.
  • Product type (icon)
    This column used to be default but was removed in WooCommerce 3.4. With Admin Column Manager you can add it back in.


  • Ordered products
    An overview of products in the order. An alternative to the default "order items" column which was removed in WC 3.0.
  • Coupon details
    Shows wether a coupon was used on the order, which one and what its value was.
  • Cart totals
    A representation of the costs, tax, discounts and totals of the order.
  • Payment method
    A simple textual display of the payment method used on the order.
  • Order status (textual)
    A simple textual display of the order status. An alternative to the default icon view.
  • Customer message
    Shows a preview of the customer message if one was provided.
  • Order notes
    Shows the latest order note.


  • Value
    Information on the value of the coupon.


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for Admin Column Manager for WooCommerce

What is the required WordPress version?


Is this plugin compatible with WooCommerce 3.0+?

Yes! And backwards compatible with 2.6.

Will this plugin mess with any of my WordPress or WooCommerce settings?

No. Enabling the plugin leaves everything in the same state until you save the plugin options to apply your customizations. Reverting the plugin configuration back to default and/or disabling/uninstalling the plugin will leave everything as it was before you installed the plugin.

Where are the settings?

Visit WooCommerce > Settings, and find the “Admin Columns” tab on top.
On top of that page you’ll find links to switch between orders, products and coupon columns, as well as a page with the option to reset the column settings.

Why can’t I see the settings page?

By default you must be a user with the role of Administrator to edit the plugin options. To overwrite this limitation, use the filter hook “wcacm-admin-capability” in your theme’s functions.php and return the desired capability. Example:

add_filter( 'wcacm-admin-capability', function( $capability ) {
	return 'read';
}, 10, 1 );

How do I reorder columns?

On the settings page, you find lists of columns for orders, products and coupons. Each list item has a dotted grid icon to the left of it which can be clicked and dragged. Drag and drop the list items as you prefer and press “Save changes” to save this configuration.
The next time you visit the corresponding list table page you’ll see your custom order reflected.

How do I add columns?

You can add any of the predefined additional columns by checking the checkbox behind it on the settings page. Press “Save changes” to confirm your custom configuration.

How do I remove columns?

You can hide/remove columns by unchecking the checkbox behind it on the settings page. Press “Save changes” to confirm your custom configuration.

How do I revert back to the defaults?

Visit WooCommerce > Settings > Admin Columns > Reset. Here you’ll find a button to reset the configuration. Any changes made by the plugin are reverted to the situation you had before using this plugin.

A column is checked to be visible but I don’t see it.

If you have hidden a column via “Screen Options” on the corresponding page with the current user account, it will stay hidden even though it’s enabled in the Admin Column Manager’s configuration. To see the column after it’s been hidden in Screen Options, open Screen Options again and check the checkbox. The show/hide state via Screen Options applies to each user account individually.

I'm still stuck!

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What's new?


for Admin Column Manager for WooCommerce


22 Aug 2019
  • Fix column configurations not being saved in newer version of WooCommerce.
  • Avoid star-rating styling being applied to places outside the Products table.


26 Jan 2019
  • Fix a possibility of the dragging of WooCommerce attribute terms not working.
  • Removed a debug log message in the plugin code.


30 May 2018
  • Improved automatic column widths for order/product/coupon tables, preventing the checkbox and other narrow columns from taking too much space in certain situations.
  • Added the "Product Type (icon)" column since this native column was removed in WooCommerce 3.4.
  • Fix a bug where the coupon column ordering was not being applied.


13 Jan 2018
  • Support for WooCommerce 3.3:
    • Removed the plugin column "Textual order status" (orders) since this is now what the new default order status column looks like.
    • Added a new plugin column "Order notes" (orders) since this is now removed as a default column.
    • Added a new plugin column "Customer message" (orders) since this is now removed as a default column.
  • Updated styling of the configuration pages.


7 Sep 2017
  • Added Yoast SEO columns to the list of manageable product columns when the plugin is active.
  • Added products column: Ratings and Reviews.
  • Preparations for WooCommerce 3.2 support.


25 May 2017
  • Product columns: Sales column: This column is now sortable.
  • Order columns: Products column: Added a "times" character between the quantity and the product title.
  • Order columns: Products column: The text was made internationalizable.
  • Order columns: Cart totals column: Fixed possible "undefined function" error in older WooCommerce versions.


24 May 2017
  • Order columns: Cart totals column: Now showing "Refunded" amount if there was any.
  • Order columns: Cart totals column: Not showing shipping entry if there were no shipping costs.
  • Fixed possible "Headers already sent" PHP warning.


20 May 2017
  • Fix possible text domain conflict in localized JS.


12 Apr 2017
  • Added order column: Products, which shows the purchased products. This column is similar to the default column "Order items" which was removed in WooCommerce 3.0.


7 Apr 2017
  • Prevented an error in the coupon column when the coupon is since deleted.
  • WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility: Removed the "Order Items" column since this is no longer a default order column since WC 3.0.
  • WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility: Removed errors due to data retrieval method changes.


8 Feb 2017
  • Initial release.


Priority support directly from the developer. Also for pre-purchase questions!


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