Scheduled Sale Manager for WooCommerce

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Yes! This plugin is compatible with
the latest WooCommerce 3.0.

Scheduled Sale Manager is a WordPress plugin for WooCommerce that allows you to easily set up your shop sales. Choose exactly when the sale should start and finish, what product groups will be affected and what the discount will be.

5% off the entire shop? Free shipping on Sundays? End of the year sale on all large T-shirts? It's simple to set up and the possibilities are endless.

How does it work?
Setting up a sale is an easy 3-step process

You choose exactly when and how long the sale is active, which products are affected and what the discounts will be. You can create any number of sales!


Choosing a

  • Always on
    To simply start a sale without specifying a schedule.
  • Date range
    Pick the exact start and end dates and times.
  • Weekly
    Pick week days to start and end a weekly sale.
  • Monthly
    Pick days of the month to start and end a monthly sale.
  • Yearly
    Pick dates in a year to start and end a yearly sale.
  • Or any combination of the above!


Choosing the product

  • Everything
    To simply discount the entire shop.
  • By product category
    Such as T-shirts.
  • By product attribute
    Such as Size: Large.
  • Specific products
    Manually pick individual products.
  • Or any combination of the above!


Choosing the sale's
applied discount(s)

  • Percentage discount
    To reduce product prices by a specified percentage.
  • Fixed product price
    To give all affected products the same price.
  • Fixed product price discount
    To reduce product prices by a specified amount.
  • Free Shipping
    To offer free shipping on the sale items.
  • Or a combination of the above!

Key features

  • Create any amount of sales
  • Sales can be instantly disabled/enabled
  • Sales can be temporary, permanent and recurring
  • Works with all (simple, variable and grouped) product types
  • Target all or specific groups of products
  • A familiar UI that blends right into the WordPress environment and allows for simple to complex set ups with little effort
  • No recurring fees
  • Each license receives free plugin updates forever
  • Comes with documentation
  • Comes with developer support
  • Check out the screenshots!

Performant and developer friendly

  • Updates just like any other plugin
  • Does not add any CSS or JS assets to your site
  • Does not create any additional database tables
  • Translation/WPML ready
  • Efficient query cache/transient usage to optimize performance
  • Follows WordPress coding standards
  • Fully commented code
  • Contains many action/filter hooks to allow for advanced customizations without editing the core files
  • No arrogant menu entries, nagging or other visual standout in the admin environment
  • All data is removed upon uninstallation


Available right here!

Documentation for Scheduled Sale Manager for WooCommerce

What is the required WordPress version?


Is this plugin compatible with WooCommerce 3.0+?

Yes! And backwards compatible with 2.6.

Where are the settings?

Visit WooCommerce > Sales. Here you’ll be able to create and manage your sales. There is no global configuration page.

How do I configure a one-time sale?

When creating/editing a sale, set the schedule type to “Data range”. You are then presented with two date / time pickers. The sale will start on the “From” date/time, and end on the “Until” date/time.

How do I configure a weekly schedule?

When you set the schedule type to weekly, you are presented with two weekday and time selection controls. Pick your start and end day/time. The sale is then automatically applied between these moments at a weekly interval.

How do I configure a monthly schedule?

When you set the schedule type to monthly, you are presented with two month-day and time selection controls. Pick your start and end day/time. The sale is then automatically applied between these moments at a monthly interval. If you pick a day that exceeds the current month (like 31 in a February) the schedule will end on the last day of the month instead.

How do I configure a yearly schedule?

When you set the schedule type to yearly, you are presented with two month/day/time selection controls. Pick your start and end day/time. The sale is then automatically applied between these moments at a yearly interval.

How do I activate my sale on multiple schedules?

When editing the sale, press “And…” under the schedule metabox. This adds a new row to the scheduler. You can add up as many rows as you like. They will all apply to the sale.

How do I change the first day of the week in the date pickers?

This option is taken from your WordPress configuration. Visit Settings > General to change what’s considered the first day of the week.

The time is off!

The plugin uses the WordPress timezone. You can change this in the WordPress general settings. If you still think there is a time inaccuracy issue, please contact support.

Can I put the entire shop on sale?

Yes! Under criteria, simply choose “Everything”.

Can I target products by multiple properties?

Yes! Under criteria, choose one property then press “And…” on the right side. This will add another line to add a criteria. When stacking criteria with “And…” all properties have to match for the product to be applicable. When using the button “Or…” you can add properties that are unrelated to the rest. Example: Large (attribute) AND T-shirt (category) applies to large t-shirts but Large OR T-shirt applies to anything that’s large and all t-shirts.

What if more than 1 sale applies to a product?

When multiple sales overlap, the one that causes the lowest product price wins. The sales are applied per product, so the outcome can technically vary per product.

What if a product is already on sale (has a discount price) but is also part of a sale?

Just like when multiple sales apply to a product: the lowest price wins. The sale option “Apply to discount price” determines wether the sale’s discount is added to the original product price or also to the discounted product price if it exists.

What if I have sale and non-sale items in the cart?

Sales are applied per item, so products that are not part of the sale are not affected. This also applies to free shipping if that’s enabled in the particular sale. The free shipping will not be applicable to products outside of the sale.

Can I end a sale prematurely?

Yes! You can simply disable the sale, change its schedule or delete it. The change will be effective immediately.

Sales and WPML

WPML should not be configured to translate sales (under WPML > Translation options). By default it will not translate sales so unless the setting is manually changed it should be fine.
Sales always apply to all site languages.

Sales are set up using product criteria from the original language but wether the sale applies to the same products across languages can vary. When a product meets the sale’s criteria but the translation of the same product doesn’t meet the sale’s criteria (if it doesn’t have the required category for instance) the sale does not apply to the translated product.

The discounts apply to the language-specific price. So if a sale gives 50% discount and the product in the original language has a price of 10 but the translation of the product costs 12 they will be discounted to 5 and 6 respectively.

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We found Scheduled Sale Manager for WooCommerce and saved my client a lot of time. With this plugin we were able to set up sales for a variety of products and categories from one simple interface without having to edit every one of their items one at a time.

Brilliant plugin and a very friendly and helpful developer. Would thoroughly recommend!

This plugin is amazing! Before we were constantly sitting at our computers waiting 15 minutes before our sale would go live and edit each product’s price. With more inventory weekly, it’s impossible to keep up. Luckily we found this plugin and it’s very user friendly. There is every option you can think of depending on what kind of sale you need. It’s perfect for our website and we love it!

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