Cart Insights for WooCommerce

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Yes! This plugin is compatible with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce versions.

Cart Insights is a WordPress plugin for WooCommerce that provides an instant overview of your shop's current customers and the contents of their carts.

Key features

  • A clear table view of live customer data
  • Displays available customer information, which products are currently in their cart and when their cart session will expire
  • Adds a column to the Users table displaying their active cart contents
  • No configuration needed
  • GDPR compliant
  • A familiar UI that blends right into the WordPress environment
  • No recurring fees
  • Each license receives free plugin updates forever
  • Comes with documentation
  • Comes with developer support
  • Check out the screenshots!

Performant and developer friendly

  • Updates just like any other plugin
  • Does not add any CSS or JS assets to your site
  • Does not create any database tables
  • Translation/WPML ready
  • Efficient query usage to optimize performance
  • Follows WordPress coding standards
  • Fully commented code
  • Contains action/filter hooks to allow for advanced customizations without editing the core files
  • No arrogant menu entries, nagging or other visual standout in the admin environment
  • All data is removed upon uninstallation


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for Cart Insights for WooCommerce

What is the required WordPress version to run this plugin?


What is the required WooCommerce version to run this plugin?


Is this plugin compatible with WooCommerce 3.0+?


Where do I view the carts?

After activating the plugin, visit WooCommerce > Cart Insights. There you’ll find a table view of all active cart sessions.

How do I toggle table column visibility?

While viewing the cart table page, click “Screen Options” on the right-top of the screen to change which columns are visible and how many rows are shown per page.

How do I change the amount of table rows per page?

While viewing the cart table page, click “Screen Options” on the right-top of the screen to change which columns are visible and how many rows are shown per page.

How do I find a specific user’s cart?

When you visit the Users page you will find a new column in the user table that shows the specific user’s cart contents if there are any.

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What's new?


for Cart Insights for WooCommerce


16 Sep 2023
  • Added support for HPOS.
  • Added support for latest WooCommerce version.


24 Mar 2022
  • Removed debug output.


22 Mar 2022
  • Hotfixed an error happening in rows with Guest users.


15 Mar 2020
  • Display "[time] ago" when a time is in the past.


26 Jan 2020
  • Fixed a situation where the plugin would hide the contents of other custom user table columns.
  • Added a filter hook "wccci-cart-table-product-title" to filter the way the product title is displayed in the cart insights table.


30 Aug 2018
  • Changed the default user role neccessary for viewing Cart Insights from "edit_theme_options" and "manage_woocommerce" to "view_woocommerce_reports". The role is filterable with the hook "wccci-admin-capability".
  • Added the user role(s) to the customer information when they are registered users.


18 May 2018
  • Now properly showing the relevant product variation(s) in a cart's product list when applicable.
  • Now also showing a product's attributes in a cart's product list when applicable.
  • Now showing cart (sub)totals in the products column.
  • Updated column widths to provide a bit more space for the Products column.


28 Jan 2018
  • Support for WooCommerce 3.3.
  • Added a search field above the cart listing table to allow for searching for a customer's name or email address.


8 Jul 2017
  • Initial release.


Priority support directly from the developer. Also for pre-purchase questions!


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