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Prevent automatic scrolling to checkout error in WooCommerce

How to stop the WooCommerce checkout from scrolling up/down when there is a checkout error.

From Vagrant to Valet

In 2011 I switched my web development environment from Windows to OSX. I was used to the ease of WAMP so I naturally started out using MAMP for a similar experience. Growing tired of certain limitations however I configured OSX to be its own local server environment; installing apache, php and mysql locally and setting […]

Quick tip: Redirect away from the media attachment template (WordPress)

When adding a featured image to a post, a dedicated page is created for this image which simply shows the title and the image. This attachment viewing page usually has little purpose and is not compatible with most themes. Anyone stumbling on one of these pages makes your site look weird to better to avoid access and keep things clean.

Inserting multilingual posts programmatically with WPML

Since the WPML documentation is terrible and all its support forum’s topics are closed prematurely it’s always difficult to get something done with WPML. As a result of some research, here’s a snippet to help inserting a post (of any post type) in multiple languages programmatically. The resulting posts will be linked to each other […]

Closing a UIkit lightbox using the esc key

Lately I’ve been using UIkit a lot. Although it’s a pretty elaborate set of tools with not too many bugs, the user-base seems rather small so looking for help often leaves you in the dark. One issue I ran into was that the lightbox doesn’t close when pressing the escape key. Seems like a UX […]

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