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Saving custom checkout fields in WooCommerce 3+

Quick tip on how to save custom checkout field values in the new WooCommerce.

WPML: Get taxonomy terms in all or other languages

Since WPML documentation/support is terrible at best, you gotta figure these things out yourself. Since I’ve had to do this more than once, here’s a snippet in case it can help someone else! The trick is that you temporarily remove the WPML filter hooks that manipulate the term query to only return terms in the […]

Change billing and shipping field names in the WooCommerce checkout errors

Something that always bugs me when preparing a WooCommerce checkout flow is the error messages when you leave required fields empty. They’ll say something like “Billing First name is a required field.” Look at that ugly capitalization, and not to mention the fact that I’m not using Shipping in many cases since it concerns virtual […]

Prevent automatic scrolling to checkout error in WooCommerce

How to stop the WooCommerce checkout from scrolling up/down when there is a checkout error.

From Vagrant to Valet

In 2011 I switched my web development environment from Windows to OSX. I was used to the ease of WAMP so I naturally started out using MAMP for a similar experience. Growing tired of certain limitations however I configured OSX to be its own local server environment; installing apache, php and mysql locally and setting […]

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