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Chrome + WordPress SSL bug

Potential fix for broken WordPress / WooCommerce sites related to HTTPS in Chrome.

One reason why your WP theme/plugin localization might be failing to load

I was translating a WordPress plugin to Dutch, and was ready to test it. So I visited the test site’s settings page where you can change the language. Sure enough the UI was now in Dutch, but the plugin text wasn’t. Everything seemed to be in place: files in the right folder, files had the correct filenames, load_plugin_textdomain […]

Lazy loading @font-face fonts

Quick tip on loading fonts a little later to prevent hidden text.

On usability and the MAS

The app’s design seems to break most accessibility rules and goes straight against the usually perfectionist Apple design approach towards the usability of both their software and hardware.


Ever seen the following or a similar sentence, usually on a government site? "You will need Adobe Reader to download this file."...

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