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OMG, a PDF Ever seen the following or a similar sentence, usually on a government site? "You will need Adobe Reader to download this file."...
Hosting your own analytics.js When reducing your HTTP requests for front-end optimization reasons, one will eventually stumble upon the Google Analytics (GA) snippet. The GA snippet triggers an asynchronous request to download the analytics.js file from Google servers from the moment the snippet is processed on your page. Because it is asynchronous (in the browsers that support this behavior) […]
flat.icns contribution A contribution to the flat.icns github project
Disabling WordPress comment flood prevention On disabling comment flood prevention.
Custom jQuery build with Grunt Since the jquery npm package explanation is kind of rough and doesn't include instructions for building a custom 1.x version, here's a short list of steps.
WP 3.6 jquery console error Somehow this version of WordPress got released with the source map file missing and thus a clean install will generate a console error in the latest Chrome, Firefox, Opera… like OMG, right? Let’s explore some ways to fix it.
Brainstorm: Custom html tags If adding custom tag names is so easily done and a widely accepted cross-browser method, why stop at html5 tags?
On MAMP and MySQL table case sensitivity Sharing a solution to a MySQL setup problem when switching from WAMP to MAMP.
When your Google Analytics are not your Google Analytics If your Google Analytics (GA) tracking code is used by someone else on another domain, their data will appear on your GA dashboard... It took me a while to figure out what was going on the first time this happened to me so here's the story and solution.
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